Interior Design Tips for Living Space

When it comes to the interior design of the small living area, present are a lot of tips that you can follow to transform your home. It is really not hard at all provided you know the tips and tricks that those pros normally use. To help you start off, here are four quick tips that you can go by.
1. Color down and lighten up – Both colors of the room, as well as the lighting, are very valuable in interior design. It is advisable to use no more than one color to paint the walls as it will create a very roomy feel. Besides, you can make use of mirrors to reflect the sun light by positioning it directly across a window. For this purpose, you can use a semi-gloss paint to achieve the related effect as well.
2. Get rid of unnecessary stuff – When a lot of small items are sitting all around a small room, they could really eat up a lot of the already limited space. The only way of solving this is to get rid of unnecessary stuff. It’s really amazing when you realize just how much air space can be created when you are super precise about this.
3. Liven up with plants – Nothing is comparable to placing plants in your room when it comes to creating open space and a sense of health. One must, however, be extra selective over which plants to place in the living room as the oversized one will only make space even more crammed. An indoor tree at the extra space formed by angling the furniture would be just nice.
4. Install a unique door knob – A very good way of adding a touch of classy feels to your house would be using crystal door knobs. There are several types which you can select from, and they are such as the old town design, Waldolf design or the diamond crystal design. The dazzling crystal door knobs will add an ornate sparkle to your small living area.

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