Top Tips on Photography & Design

Take in the secrets to enhance your Photography and Design pictures from our specialists. We give you seven tips to enable you to bring pictures with a much needed refresher. 1. Light: Hypnotizing Photography and Design photographs are significantly characterized by the sum and naturesun in low. The low lights add unpretentious touchy shades to … [Read more…]


It’s one of the travel photographer’s greatest mysteries! In a few days, I’ll hop on a jet and will find myself, 22 hours later, beginning a journey to Siem Reap, Cambodia, Luang Prabang, Laos and to tiny towns and villages I have yet to hear of. And I have no one to carry my luggage! … [Read more…]

And Oh! The Places You’ll Go!

Travel photography and remote cultures, far from your own. That’s the stuff that life-changers are made of. As I continue my journey in Cambodia, I was privileged to visit the Cambodia Academy in Mongkol Borei. It is a school for first through ninth grade children in a very rural area. VERY RURAL! In amongst the … [Read more…]